150 Club Draw News

Congratulations to our latest 150 Club winners who came out of the hat in our December 2023 Draw

Dave Hiles
John Lake
Martin Brook
Gary Hales
Karen Hiles
Sue McNaughton
Chris Samuel
Stuart Judge
Ruth Lake

Would you like a chance of winning prizes from £25 up to £350?

We do 4 draws a year – March, June, September and December, and have a couple of social events for members as well including food.  Over the 4 draws, 28 winning numbers will be picked – and you can win in more than one draw each year!

The 150 Club is open to current and former members of the club, including parents of Junior members, and helps support the club across all our sports.

Interested? Pop over to the membership page, and fill out the form in the 150 Club section towards the foot of the page, and we will be in touch!