Peterborough Town Cricket Club 2024 Aviva Crowdfunder

Following the success of the 2 previous fundraisers, PTCC is proud once again to be running a Crowdfunder in conjunction with Aviva whose generous matched donations increases the monies available to the club substantially.

For every individual donation up to £250, Aviva will match that donation. Funds will be aimed at projects designed to make our Club greener and better prepared to manage climate change. For instance, protecting the cricket pitches from flooding, enhancing the irrigation system and building new soakaways on the outfield. We also need to improve the shower facilities to make them more efficient and cost and energy effective for all members of the Club. We are also looking at other longer-term projects such as rain-water harvesting (we’ve had a bit of that this year!), EV Charging points and even Solar Panels.

To see what you could donate and what rewards are available just use the QR code on the poster or visit this link:

The offer closes on 6th April 2024 and the fund is already seeing dozens of donations and rewards purchased.

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