Revamped 100 Club is now the 150 Club!

The 150 Club (Previously the ‘100 Club’) has been running for over 30 years and offers members past and present the opportunity to win large cash prizes (up to £350!) in return for a fee of either £5 a month or £60 one off payment. The funds raised help maintain and continue to improve our facilities at City of Peterborough Sports Club.

How it works:

The 150 Club will now be drawn quarterly, with a draw in March, June, September and a larger draw in December. To qualify for the next draw, you must have joined for at least 1 full month. You will be given your unique 150 Club number. The first 150 draw for 2022 will be in June.

Select a Bonus Ball number between 1 and 6 when signing up, this gives an opportunity for the top prize winner to win a bonus ball prize of £50. If the bonus ball drawn doesn’t match your bonus ball, the prize rolls over to the next quarter! (e.g. £100, maximum of £200).

To join you must be either a member or past member of the club, please fill in the form on the Membership page. Your application will be verified by Management Council and you will be sent a payment link for either £5 a month or £60 one off payment.

If you are a current 100 Club member you do not need to do anything at the moment, we will be in touch of any payment changes and for you to select your Bonus Ball number before the next draw.